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Jianhu valves Complete set CO.,Ltd. dedicates itself to offer both the products and solutions related to the industrial fluid system with the brand ZHC-LOK. We have been involved in the industries of metallurgy, gas fluid, chemistry, oil & gas, electric power and F&B, etc. In term of products,ZHC-LOK is in the position to offer tubings, tube fittings, instrument valves & valve manifolds, fluid control valves, flanges, fasteners, fluid instrument installation fittings and the like. In term of value-added service, ZHC-LOK is specialized in fluid system technical designing, project package, spare parts inventory management, training and consulting. We own our bases of designing, manufacturing, installation testing and stocking in Jianhu County,JiangSu Province,China.


We dedicate ourselves in excellent management for creating values for the society and our shareholders to gain the respect of our esteemed customers and partners and to build a platform for our employees to fulfill their dreams, which leads ZHC-LOK to the top brand of the product and service in fluid system industry in China.

We offer our industrial customers with fluid system related products and solutions. By the innovation of our product and the management pattern, the continuous pursuit of the quality and the spirit of offering the best value-added service based on the request of our clients, ZHC-LOK promise to be your best choice within our industry.

CUSTOMER FIRST:Everything we do is for our customers and we design and develop high cost-effective products to meet what our customers need. Moreover, we focus on the speed of our affection to the public by increasing the category and quantity of the products in stock and improving the production procedure and the flexibility of our service so as to meet the various customer needs and create value for them.
JUST AND TRUST-WORTHY:We stick to the wise principle anytime. ZHC-LOK treats every of our customers, employees and partners sincerely with credit. We ensure our customers that ZHC-LOK offers the products and services as what we announce here with the full consideration of the benefits of each party of our business, be true in word and resolute in deed.
RESPECT AND CARE MORE:We endeavor to understand more about the need of our customers, employees and partners, respect their position and feeling and listen to them to establish a long-term trust relationship, to realize the fair and harmonious company culture.
QUATITY FIRST:To improve the quality of the product and our service is our goal forever. We strictly design and produce our products according to the standard to ensure what we offer is perfect. We strictly stick to ZHC-LOK's QC system to ensure that our terminal customers or distributors can get standardized products and service.
EAGER TO BE INNOVATIVE:We profoundly believe that only being innovative can drive us forward faster and create more values for our customers. Thus ZHC-LOK continuously invest more to develop and design more new products. Furthermore, we are active in the innovation of our service which enables our products and service much easily and conveniently to be adopted.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT:All the stuff withinZHC-LOK will endeavor to offer better products and service for our customers. We have been trying our best to optimize our operation, improve the product quality and offer more valuable solutions for our customers.